Second Give Away [EU ONLY] 08/19 – 09/02 – Be Creative

START: 08/19/18 – END 09/02/18 at 9pm (GTM)

As promised I’ll start the second Give Away on This time you get the change to win one of 2 Shirts from Rivals, which were send double to me.

The Winner can choose between the Designs number second get the last Shirt.

What do you have to do this time?

  1. Follow the  Twitter account:
  2. BE CREATIVE – Send pictures of drawing, making covers (give us the link where to find it), write a emotional message why you love RIVALS and twitter us with Hashtag #dailyrvls
  3. At the End I will announce the Winner through Twitter and write you a Direct Message



  1. You have your residence in EU/UK – I need your Private adress after Winning to send the Shirt to you – please be aware of that
  2. I’m not saving or use your private Adresse for other things as sending the package
  3. Only Size M is available
  4. Private Give Away – since I’m just a Fan doing a FANSITE
  5. The Shirts are brand new and not worn 🙂


5 Days until ‘Damned Soul’ Music Video is gonna be released through billboard and they beginn to tease us with a snippet. Kalie drowning in a bathtube, Micket looks like he doesn’t see Kalie in front of him. And the Band playing together in front of a beautiful bright sun.